Large Sculptures

The Life and Spirit of Eric Tognazzini, 2015

The City of Hollister, family and private donors collaborated to fund this life-size bronze statue dedicated to the memory of Eric Tognazzini.  The commission included sculpting and casting the bronze statue, base and railing, starting with creating the bronze tricycle.  The piece was dedicated at the corner of 4th Street and San Benito Avenue in Hollister, CA, in 2015.

Hungry Ghosts

Dedication of the Renovated Chinese section of the Evergreen Cemetary, Santa Cruz, 2014

Five Bronze Gravemarkers made to replicate original wooden markers with ink calligraphy.  One gravemarker is left blank in honor of the unknown buried on this site.   The Dedication Ceremony was preceeded by a Lion Dance at Mission Plaza and Procession to the Cemetary, followed by music, traditional burning of incense and money, and presentation of food to the deceased on Grave Sweeping Day, a very important holiday for families to pay respect to their departed ancestors.  Architectural Concrete by Tom Ralston Concrete.

Tree Branch Serving Console

Bronze, 80″ Wide,  Upper Pacific Heights, San Francisco, 2012

Monkey Mask

Aluminum masks for Peter Hudson’s HomoUroborous Zoetrope, 2007


Steel, 9′ High, 2006


Steel Kinetic Wind Bell, 12′ High, Prarie Restoration Project, Argyle, WI, 2003

Testimony:  A Collection of Experiences, 2001

Collaborative Memorial to the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  Overall design by Sean M. Monaghan with panels sculpted by the students enrolled in his course, which began two weeks later on 9/26/01.  Each student created a 12″ x 12″ wax panel expressing their experience of the events, which were cast in bronze on 10/31/11.  These bronze panels were assembled on 12/10/01 to create the sculpture, a 1:200 scale model of the World Trade Center buildings.  ‘Testimony’ was dedicated at the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building at 846 Front Street on 4/11/02.


Steel Bell Tower, 9′ High, Prarie Restoration Project, Argyle, WI, 1999

Wild Boars (Pair)

Bronze, 28″ High, Winery Entrance, Gilroy, CA, 1998