Trojan Mascot

Bronze, 40″ x 40″, Raymond J. Fisher Middle School, Los Gatos, CA, 2013

Monument for Three Hawai’ian Princes

Bronze Plaques on Brick Pedestal, 56″ x 46″, Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, Lighthouse Point, Santa Cruz, CA,  2010

This commission included designing this pedestal in front of the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum to display the large plaque seen here, depicting three Hawai’ian Princes, along with three other bronze elements by Sean M. Monaghan.  The large central plaque was a surprise gift to the City of Santa Cruz from Hawai’ians in 2010.  In 1885, Hawai’i was a sovereign nation and the Princes, nephews to H.M. Queen Kapi’Olani’, were attending Military School in San Mateo.  They spent that summer in Santa Cruz, and had large redwood surfboards made. They gave a demonstration of the Royal Hawai’ian sport of surfing at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River, the first surfing ever recorded on the U.S. mainland.  The other bronze aspect of the commission was creating the two round bronze plaques on either side, and the bronze Hawai’ian Island chain on the backside of the pedestal, all by Sean M. Monaghan.  The pedestal was built by Tom Ralston Concrete, using brick stored beneath the Lighthouse.

Soquel Avenue Covered Bridge

Bronze, 12″ x16″, Soquel Avenue at River Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 1999

In 1874 a covered bridge was constructed on this site.  At 530 feet, it was one of the state’s longest covered bridges.  It was replaced by a concrete bridge in 1921.  The bridge was damaged by floods in 1982 and reconstructed in 1999.  (Bridges were covered to calm reluctant horses passing high over the water.)

Santa Cruz Sister Cities

Five Bronze Plaques, 14″ Dia., Santa Cruz Downtown Post Office, Front Street, 1997

President Eisenhower formally initiated the U.S. Sister Cities Program in the 1956 to encourage world peace through understanding.  Santa Cruz has currently has five Sister Cities: Alushta, Ukraine; Jinotepe, Nicaragua; Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela; Sestri Levante, Italy; and Shingu, Japan.

Santa Cruz City Hall Renovation, 2002;  West Cliff Drive Howe Truss Bridge, 2000 

Judge Thomas Black

Bronze, 12″ x 20″, Santa Cruz County Courthouse, 1997

Donatello’s Gelato Entrance, 1988

Donatello’s Gelato, 713 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, Bronze and Marble, 1988