The Life and Spirit of Eric Tognazzini

The City of Hollister, family and private donors collaborated to fund this life-size bronze statue dedicated to the memory of Eric Tognazzini.  The commission included sculpting and casting the bronze statue, base and railing, starting with creating the bronze tricycle.  The piece was dedicated at the corner of 4th Street and San Benito Avenue in Hollister, CA, in 2015.

‘Butch’ Voris

Bronze, 10″ High, Original Founder of the Blue Angels Flight Team, 2006


Bronze, 8″ High, Persian Author of the epic tome ‘Shahnameh’, (997-1010 AD), or ‘Poem of Kings’; 2010

Wiseguy Award

Bronze and Granite, 9″ High, 2006

‘Cameras Are Not Permitted’

Terra Cotta, 12″ Series of six Inmate portraits sculpted in a California State Penitentiary, 2000-2002

Judge Thomas Black

Bronze, 12″ x 20″, Santa Cruz County Courthouse, 1997